• Związek Zawodowy Pracowników Przemysłu Miedziowego [ZZPPM] Poland,
  • Federation of the Independent Syndicates of Miners [FNSM] Bulgaria,
  • Coalición Sindical Independiente de Trabajadores de Madrid- CSIT Unión Profesional, Spain,
  • SSMS Serbia,
  • Federatia Nationala Mine Energie [FNME] Romania,
  • LMPSS Lithuania,
  • SSERI Macedonia.

The first day of the workshops in Malaga was started with a welcome by the ZZPPM project leader and introduction of the partners and their organisations. The National Reports prepared by each partner in the research phase of the project were discussed and aspects related to this work were talked out.

The expert, Ángel Lozano, developed a review of the conclusions of the Research Phase of the Project, and developed proposals for improvement in the fundamental aspects of the research.

On the second day first was the presentation of the Strategic Plan on Energy and Climate and Alternative Energy Industry, planned in each partner country of the Project by the expert, Ángel Lozano, followed by the discussion on: Will the plans planned by each country serve to mitigate the effects of decarbonisation on employment and the revitalisation of territories?

The expert, Ángel Lozano, moderated  discussions and interventions by the delegates of the participating countries.

Finally, there was time for questions and a summary of the two sessions.