The kick of meeting had face-to-face participants and online participants.

In person, we have representatives from the following organizations:
-Związek Zawodowy Pracowników Przemysłu Miedziowego [ZZPPM] Polonia
-Federation of the Independent Syndicates of Miners [FNSM] Bulgaria
-Coalición Sindical Independiente de Trabajadores de Madrid- CSIT Unión Profesional, Spain

And online participants:
-SSMS Serbia

-Federatia Nationala Mine Energie [FNME] Rumania
-LMPSS, Lituania

The objective of the project is to increase participation in decision-making in the changes that occur in the mining industry as a result of descarbonization.

After the presentation by Ángel Lozano, each attendee made their intervention on the most prominent problems in their country of origin caused by decarbonization.
Once the interventions were completed, a conclusion was drawn about everything that was addressed, which corresponded to the representative of Poland, Ryszard Zbrzyzny, who stressed the need to worry about emissions, but also about power generation and the need to reconcile both situations to through the same strategy based on social dialogue.