• Związek Zawodowy Pracowników Przemysłu Miedziowego [ZZPPM] Polonia.
  • Federation of the Independent Syndicates of Miners [FNSM] Bulgaria [Online]
  • Coalición Sindical Independiente de Trabajadores de Madrid- CSIT Unión Profesional, Spain
  • SSMS Serbia
  • Federatia Nationala Mine Energie [FNME] Rumania
  • SSERI, Macedonia del Norte

The final conference of the project was held on 11.18.2021, which took place in Serbia, in a mixed meeting, with online and face-to-face participation.

After the welcome made by the beneficiary organization of the Project, the expert presented the objectives of the day.

Presentation of the Report on the Project Development.
Thanks to the participation of five member countries [Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania and Spain] and two candidates [Serbia and Macedonia]; and its link to the Mining Industry Sector, had allowed:
– Analyze the problems of the Sector from very different points of view
– Share experiences and contrast data and actions carried out
– Evaluate the different situations of the Mining Industry
– Provide unions and representatives with sufficient mechanisms and tools

After this presentation there was a debate with several interventions and later the Final Project Publication, The Strategy, was presented, focusing on:
– Knowledge of structural and economic changes in the Mining Sector and European strategies
– Knowledge of European instruments to increase worker participation in company decisions.
– The promotion of worker participation to mitigate the negative impact of the restructuring processes of the Mining Sector.
– The identification and promotion of good participation practices from the transnational cooperation of the Project partners.

At the end of the presentation of The Strategy, a document was presented and debated about the need to solve various situations experienced by workers in the mining sector and that are being increased with the decisions taken in the matter of energy transition and the deadlines to achieve climate neutrality in 2050, was a decision of the partners agreed in the Training Course held in September.

To end the day, the partners agreed to approve the request for project continuity. Download here